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Last Updated: Feb 22, 2011

This page contains screenshots of emails received from BV Miracle customers to our support email address.

All feedback has been published with the consent of our customers but names and email addresses have been obscured to protect their privacy.

Please send us your success stories too! (Privacy guaranteed.)


customer feedback


customer feedback


customer feedback


customer feedback


customer feedback for bv miracle


customer feedback






Required Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or healthcare practitioner. The BV Miracle ebook and contain information that is based on personal experience, the experiences of other women suffering from bacterial vaginosis, online and offline research. Medical doctors were consulted in the creation of BV Miracle, but the information on this website and in the BV Miracle ebook is not intended to be a substitute for visiting your own doctor.

Most doctors are not aware of alternative treatment methods for bacterial vaginosis and we recommend you share the information in BV Miracle with your doctor and proceed with their approval. There are risks involved with any medical treatment and you should consult your doctor before beginning treatment.

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