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Last Updated: August 10, 2010

My name is Megan MacDonald and as a former 6-year sufferer of chronic bacterial vaginosis, I want to share with you some of the BV cures that are available today and the exact steps I took to finally cure my bacterial vaginosis.


If you go to your doctor, the most likely result will be a prescription for a drug called Metronidazole. Metronidazole is an antibiotic, amebicide, and antiprotozoal. It is the most commonly prescribed drug for mild bacterial infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

FlagylIn the United States, Canada, and a few other countries, this drug is marketed under the trade name Flagyl and in some other countries it is called Nidagyl.

Flagyl is typically taken in doses of 250 mg three times a day for 5 days.


Is Flagyl Useful as a Bacterial Vaginosis Cure?

If you do a search in Google for "Flagyl review" you will find hundreds of stories from people who have used Flagyl to cure infections. Results vary widely from person to person when using Flagyl to cure BV -- some people report a complete eradication of their symptoms in as little as 2 days, while others report no success at all.

The side-effects of Flagyl can also be unpleasant. Some women report a feeling of nausea, dry heaving, lack of sleep, and in some cases women have developed yeast infections while taking the drug.

When using antibiotics as a cure for bacterial vaginosis, you must look beyond just a cure for the symptoms when evaluating the effectiveness of the drug. One of the most common and frustrating problems associated with BV is the high likelihood of re-infection. Antibiotics like Flagyl can cure the symptoms, but do not treat the cause of the problem.

The best way to cure vaginosis permanently is to boost your body's immune system so that it is better at resisting bacterial infection.


Natural Cures for Bacterial Vaginosis

Something that is defined as a "natural cure" is that which does not fall under the realm of conventional medicine. In other words, it is cures that are not adopted by official government bodies and large corporations.

Natural cures (aka "alternative medicine") is often disregarded by the conventional medical system because many of these alternative methods are not rigorously tested in controlled laboratory settings. This gives a bad name to natural medicine -- the end result is that lots of the "natural" medicines do absolutely nothing.

This, however, is not true of all the "alternative" methods that are available. In some cases, natural/alternative medicine can simply be a lifestyle change or using some sort of cure that does not involve taking pills, such as getting more sleep or drinking more water.

There are several natural cures for bacterial vaginosis that are commonly discussed online, many of which are completely ineffective and others that work very well.

The one very important thing to do when seeking a cure for bacterial vaginosis is to boost your immune system so that your body can easily defeat oncoming bacterial infections.

For that reason, bacterial vaginosis is best cured using natural medicine. As a 6-year chronic BV sufferer I can tell you that I tried it all and the only thing that worked for me and actually cured my BV was a do-it-yourself home remedy, followed by a few easy lifestyle changes.

There are essentially four things you must do to cure bacterial vaginosis:

  1. Eliminate the bad bacteria
  2. Increase the good bacteria
  3. Boost your immune system
  4. Make some easy lifestyle changes

For more information on how to accomplish the steps listed above, I strongly recommend you check out the main page of this website (the is a link below.)

The main page of this site shares my story and introduces you to the book I wrote on how to cure bacterial vaginosis permanently. I laid out everything you need to know in a 65-page book called The BV Miracle that you can download immediately from this website.

You won't find this book in stores because it's too expensive to print and distribute that way and, besides, this is a problem most women would like to deal with discreetly.

The BV Miracle contains a very effective way to get rid of bacterial vaginosis and keep it gone forever.

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P.S. I encourage you to research it online for unbiased reviews and invite you to learn more about it on this website.




Required Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or healthcare practitioner. The BV Miracle ebook and contain information that is based on personal experience, the experiences of other women suffering from bacterial vaginosis, online and offline research. Medical doctors were consulted in the creation of BV Miracle, but the information on this website and in the BV Miracle ebook is not intended to be a substitute for visiting your own doctor.

Most doctors are not aware of alternative treatment methods for bacterial vaginosis and we recommend you share the information in BV Miracle with your doctor and proceed with their approval. There are risks involved with any medical treatment and you should consult your doctor before beginning treatment.

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